Basel, Switzerland


 about republic
Is a "parody" that reflects the invasion/colonization in Latin America that was divided into four different processes:

1. The discovery of new lands on behalf of the Catholic Monarchs.
2. The blessing of these newly discovered lands in the name of "God".
3. The sowing of a European seed in the new territory.
4. The fruits provided by these planted seeds sealed the process.

Following the colonization processes established more than 528 years ago, I colonized one of the squares of the mobile garden outside the HGK FHNW Art Institute. And from now on it belongs to me on behalf of the Republic of Honduras (my home country).

It has already been blessed by the priest of the Basler Münster. I have also planted some corn seeds from South America and I am waiting for the fruits of the corn to arrive to complete this process. This conquered space was moved to different places in Basel.

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