Picture a Vaccum!- Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt

Group Show. Curated by Eva-Maria Knüesel

Kunsthalle Basel (CH)


 about fuga and ocean echoes

FUGA, sound installation,
2020 Ocean Spirit, Performance,

Aguilar, who originally trained as a classical musician, uses an ancient technique from his native Honduras to craft instruments out of seashells.

The loudspeakers in his sound installation FUGA play back recordings of himself breathing and blowing through these instruments.

The bodily intimacy and proximity of the sound evokes associations with wind and waves and makes the roar of the sea an almost palpable experience. Also close to Aguilar’s heart are the endangered coasts, oceans, and indigenous peoples of Honduras.

Conch trumpets were widely used among the native peoples of America and still serve the Garifunas, an African-indigenous ethnic group on the Caribbean coast, as a musical instrument and means of communication today.

The installation thus symbolizes the culture that in 1800 was driven off the island of St. Vincent and scattered to the four winds and its ancient spiritual ties to the sea.

Pável Aguilar, b. 1989, lives and works in Basel

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